Dog friendly accommodation at a year-round dog friendly beach! Villa 1 is perfect for dog lovers with a fully fenced undercover area (with direct Villa access).


Happy to announce we welcome pets by arrangement (and at our complete discretion after discussing your requirements - taking into account who is already booked in).

We had previously been concerned for the beautiful native wildlife and had restricted all pets BUT after years of observation and conversation we are now certain that all our wonderful guests have equal respect for the wildlife and their pets. Considering how much our beautiful Tibetan Mastiff enjoys the year round dog friendly beach...she insisted that her friends should be able to enjoy it as well...

We have received lots of feedback over time that because the beach (and the area generally) is so isolated it is perfect for dogs (and their two legged companions) to run free. We have also noticed how increasingly hard it is to find accommodation that welcomes pets for a fair and reasonable price, and, the ever climbing cost of boarding kennels. So, we thought we would give it a try!

However there are a things for you to consider before booking with us:

* It is a natural environment so your dog(s) needs to be easily controlled - there are 'chasing temptations' in the form of kangaroos, deer, birds, sea lions, wombats, kids riding bikes, random balls from cricket matches etc...


* VILLA 1 now has a fantastic secure fenced undercover area - Maximum 2 dogs.  Guests choosing the Beach House should consider that to be unfenced - Maximum 1 dog.  Villa 2 is PET FREE.


* Dogs are welcome inside but NOT on furniture or beds, professional cleaning fees will apply to all furniture, bedding and linen.  Please bring your pet's bed, food bowl and lead. You must also collect their droppings in the same way you would if you were visiting the park.

* If there are any toilet 'accidents' we need to have the area/items professionally steam cleaned and a condition of staying is that you will pay that cost (quoted cleaners rate - happy to provide you the receipt). Same goes for any damage - if your dog's idea of a holiday is chewing... then we will require you to cover the full cost of repair or replacement.

* Dogs are NOT to be left unattended or unsupervised at anytime whilst at the property.

* There are other dogs in the area, kids and people so your dog(s) need to have a friendly disposition.
Whilst we have a large area of land you will need to keep your dog contained to the areas you have rented, just to be fair to other guests that may not enjoy the company of four legged visitors. All the usual rules would apply with our local council - dogs need to be registered/micro-chipped and you should have them on a lead in public areas.

* We accept no responsibility for your dog whilst staying with us. 

* A bond is required 1 week before arrival for any pets staying on the property and returned upon satisafactory inspection of the inside and outside of the property.  This is a recent addition. 

* It is the responsibility of the person who made the booking upon arrival at the property to inspect for any stains/damaged/broken furnishings (including linen and/or contents both inside and outside or anything they else they would like to report. This must made to Rob via text to avoid discrepancies on departure (0418 547 183).

Apart from all that and we know there are a few things to consider, however we have experienced a mix of pet owners and to continue to offer a pet friendly holiday we must stipulate clearly what is expected. We do welcome your whole two and four legged family for a holiday we are sure you will all love it!

If you have any other questions or concerns please email:  90milebeachhouse@gmail.com or call/text Rob on 0418 547 183

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